What is www.AllSportsMarket.org?
www.AllSportsMarket.org ("ASM educational exchange") is a free, no charge platform for teaching finance through the trading of sports stocks. The stocks traded on the ASM educational exchange are for educational purposes only as there is no real money trading, nor can the stocks be converted to real money. People can buy and sell sports teams, just like traditional stocks, and earn dividends to acquire a better understanding of financial markets. The ASM educational exchange is operated by The New Sports Economy Institute ("NSEI"), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization registered in California and approved by the Internal Revenue Service.

Our Mission

To deliver educational reform through sports; we look to advance financial literacy by making sports the core of all education which we call SportsCore™.

We will deliver significant advances in financial literacy and education reform through sports. Sports is an intergenerational connector that binds families and communities. It is part of the social fabric that enriches our lives. Through our educational market we will develop curricula and learning tools that advance financial literacy and lifelong learning to deliver much needed educational reform.